Monday, April 20, 2015

Ferry Flight Day #4

They're back!!  After a long, restful weekend in Panama, Chad and Daniel arrived in Latacunga, Ecuador at 12:30 today. 

As we were praying last night with a visiting church team, I started to cry as I prayed and afterwards my kids were making fun of me.  The thing is, yes, it's just a plane, but it represents so much more to our family and our Alas de Socorro family.  It's all about God's faithfulness to us, even when we have little faith. 

We have appreciated your prayers for Chad and Daniel this week, but please continue to pray that all the necessary paperwork can be completed quickly to get the plane down to us in Shell.  Not only are our co-workers in the hangar anxious to see it up and running, but so are the people living and working in the jungle.  Can't wait to see the people God is going to bless with this plane!

Here are some pictures from today and then some from their visit to the Panama canal.

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  1. That is amazing. What you and your family do is awesome.:)