Friday, June 12, 2015

Josiah's End of the Year Adventures

Last year I (Josiah) had some great last days of school for my 8th Grade year. For a math project, my partner (Jonny) and I had to create a bridge of toothpicks and see how much weight it could carry, but there is also a catch, for every toothpick you would have to pay 5 cents in imaginary money so you would also try to make the cheapest as well. It took us a long time, but after awhile, we were able to create a strong and durable bridge. Our teacher then slid a wooden block with a whole in it, in the middle of the bridge, then he would slide a chain through the hole and add weights to the chain. Ours bent and bent but by the end, our bridge could carry the most weight of any of the other bridges, we also had the cheapest bridge, and we also won the best looking bridge as well (victory was ours!).

                            (My friend Jonny and I holding up our bridge before the weigh in)

                                                                   (Weigh in time!)

                                          (Our bridge, slowly collapsing from the weight)

 Another fun activity that I did with my class at the end of the year was white water rafting. It was so much fun! We learned about the value of teamwork, we laughed, we fought the water, and we had a great time. I couldn't have asked for a better school field trip. But during the summer we had a wonderful time as well. We finished off the summer by going to the river multiple times to swim and jump into the water. That was fun. To conclude this story I would have to say that those days will be the days I will miss of Ecuador and I couldn't have asked for a better time.

                                      (My class after our white water rafting adventure)


                                   (My friends and I at a restaurant in Banos, Ecuador)

                                                                   (Fun times at the river)

                                                           (Hanging out at the River)

                                                     Oh man, my friends are crazy!)

                                (Never thought I would be buried by the side of a river!)

                                                           (Ouch, That spear hurts!)

                                 (Jump time! This is where my friends and I had to jump from)

                                             (Just enjoying the beautiful view of the river)

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