Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MAF Canada Jungle Trip

Recently we had the privilege of spending time with a group from MAF Canada.  The group came to help us celebrate the dedication of our new hangar and their new Kodiak.  That's right, the Kodiak that we keep saying is "ours" has been loaned to us from MAF Canada.  The main donor for the Ecuador Kodiak project is from Canada and the plane is technically leased to the Ecuador program.

It was an encouraging time for us to interact with the folks from MAF Canada and the generous family that helped make the project a reality.  Even though we've been having a hard time getting all the permits to begin operating the Kodiak, we were able to get special permits to take our guests on some flights, so they could see the impact the plane will have and to visit the special people we get to minister to.   We hope the trip served to show them that their donation is going to further the Kingdom and that we will take good care of it!

The whole gang showed up to welcome the Kodiak and our guests.  We had a great time. 

Brad is the CEO of MAF Canada and seemed to be enjoying himself in Tiweano!

This is the whole Canada gang.  We were blessed to get to know them.

We can't wait to see more of this.  People whose lives are affected by the tool that God has provided for us to use.  

Mark getting his paint on.  Mark is in charge of media and marketing for MAF Canada.

Church leaders formally welcoming the group.

When else will you get a chance to dance with Waorani brothers and sisters in Christ?  At least on this side of heaven.

Connie and baby Olivia.  (She's named after our Olivia)

Don't forget you camera! Haha!

Brad, Dyuoe, Oma, with Art and Connie the donors.

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