Thursday, December 31, 2015

Alas Christmas 2015

Every year we have an ADSE (Alas de Socorro del Ecuador) Christmas party.  Sometimes we go to a nice restaurant and other years we do a family day.  This year we had a team visiting from Crossroads Community Church, which is in Nampa, ID.  We had a lot of fun, just being together as a team and enjoying the day.  Our director also hired a clown to entertain the group.  While normally we're not too crazy about clowns, this guy did a good job of getting the team involved and everyone laughing. When the guys had to mimic a dance that the clown did while wearing a turkey hat, everyone was cracking up.   Good memories!!!

Olivia and Mabel, who is the daughter of one of our pilots. 

Jeff, from Crossroads, showing off his "amazing" futbol skills. 

Mateo and Dan

The clown's pretty funny, if you can get the 15 year old to laugh.

Always a good time when we're together!

Richard preparing to dance.

Dan won the turkey dance competition.  You can see the determination/crazy in his eyes.

Even though Mateo didn't win, I think everyone laughed the hardest when he danced.  Let's just say that Mateo is not the dancing type.  Too funny!

            Chuint (flight coordinator) and Wilson (base maintenance) getting down to the music.

 David is our Director and he got the booty shake award!  

Dan continued to amaze everyone with his commitment to the dance!  We were crying!

                      David (mechanic) was trying to let his beard grow out to be Santa Claus.

Two of our favorite people.  Gina is the Doctor that works in the hangar to authorize our emergency medical flights, and Elsa is our receptionist and Chad's Shuar mom.  
Richard (one of the pilots) and Maria Fernanda
Cookie decorating
Ruthie and Olivia playing corn hole.  We brought a little Ohio culture to the event.

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