Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Trip

I guess I need to post pictures of our Thanksgiving trip before Christmas!  We were able to get away with some friends to Cuenca which is 7 hours southwest of us.  First we were able to visit Ingapirca the largest Inca ruins in Ecuador, where we "feasted" on our Thanksgiving lunch of a whopping $2.50 almuerzo.  We met up with some more friends in Cuenca where we stayed at a hotel with hot spring pools.  Olivia never wanted to leave the pool!  It was fun to get away and relax.  It tends to be hard for someone in our family to take a break from work when you live right by the hangar.  Josiah deemed it the best vacation ever!....not sure about that, but it was fun!

Did you know Panama hats actually originated in Ecuador and were made for the men building the Panama canal?

Jennifer, Us, & the Whiteheads

Thanksgiving Mexican food supper.  (Andi, Jennifer & Tracey)

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