Sunday, January 31, 2016

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Chad tomorrow as he goes up to Quito to finalize things for a checkride for the Kodiak.  The norm has been, just as we think we are about there....things fall apart.  Chad arrived back from taking a DAC (FAA equivelant) inspector to Spokane last week, to have the training that he did "approved."  That was to be the last requirement, besides the checkride.  That checkride was supposed to take place this week, but on Friday we got a call saying the inspector couldn't do it.  Anyway, to make a super long story short, please pray that Chad wouldn't lose his cool tomorrow, as he is super upset about all the red tape.  Also, please pray for favor from DAC and we could start using this awesome tool for ministry.  It's so frustrating to just watch it sit in the hangar.

Another request is Josiah.  He fell, while playing basketball, 2 weeks ago.  His leg looks to be broken in a couple of places.  They aren't horrible breaks, but the doctor just can't tell if one of the breaks goes into his growth plate, which would definitely complicate the healing.  He is on crutches and in a splint.  We will do more x-rays on Friday and see if we can see anything more.  Please just pray that the breaks would be healing well and that his growth plate wouldn't be affected.  He's getting a bit stir crazy on the crutches, but overall has a better attitude than I would!


  1. Prayers for both

    Prayers for both Chad and Josiah and for you as you try to calm both of them.