Friday, February 12, 2016

NSMS 50th Anniversary Weekend Part 2

Oops, I meant to post this right after Part 1!

For the second day of the NSMS anniversary weekend, we had a dinner on the cancha with Maria Orellana's famous pinchos and then a program followed in the library. 

Lois Price & Heather Turner

Steve and Jessa Bilimek
Maria Orellana and her family did a great job cooking pinchos for everyone.  Oh the memories of eating pinchos on Friday nights!

Current & Former NSMS Students

Current & Former NSMS Teachers

Students from the very first class.

On Sunday we had an English church service and then in the afternoon an "open mic" time to share memories. 

Us with Lloyd & Linda Rogers and two of their kids, Danny and Peggy, plus a granddaughter Carolyn.  The Rogers family has a LONG history here in Shell and run the Compassion International program in the jungle (besides many other ministries!).
Florence Judd, Miriam Gebb and Lois Price

Karen, Josiah, Jonny -  Mrs. Montero explaining what is about to happen!

During the weekend we had a fundraiser for a new copy machine.  There were jars with teachers faces on them and you could put your money in the jar of the person you wanted to see get a pie in the face!  Well, along with the teachers jars was one other jar that happened to have 3 faces on it....the 9th grade class.  So, of course you know who "won!"

The dads of the 9th graders.

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