Tuesday, April 26, 2016


A little over a week ago a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador and within less than a minute lives were destroyed.  People here in Shell felt the quake, but were not affected, as it wasn't strong enough to do any damage so far away from the epicenter.  We are on the east side of the Andes mountains - about 8-10 hours from the coast.

Within 24 hours Alas was called upon to help with emergency flights.  We (Chad and Daniel Soria) were able to help with a medical evacuation from the town of Manta to Quito.  The new Kodiak was the perfect plane for the job, as they were able to evacuate more than one patient at a time.  The first patients were young boys who had been hurt by the falling walls of their homes.  One boy had head injuries and the other compound fractures.  The father of one of the boys, perished in the earthquake as he pushed his son away as the wall of their house collapsed.  What a joy to help these families in need, but as they flew, the guys had heavy hearts knowing the pain the families had suffered and that so many others were suffering.  Almost as soon as the plane arrived in Shell we were receiving more calls for flights.  The next day Chad and Daniel left again.  This time in support of Samaritan's Purse and their mobile hospital that was being flown in from the U.S.  They spent the next two days flying advance teams from Samaritan's purse to evaluate the damage and needs.  They returned Tuesday night and rested Wednesday.  On Thursday, Chad and Dan Whitehead headed back to the coast to shuttle more doctors to the mobile hospital.  We were so thankful for the Kodiak and the range and capacity it gave the guys to carry on this type of work.  Please pray for those suffering in this area of the country and for all of the workers that have been going non-stop for over a week now.

You can see a little more of what Samaritan's Purse is doing here to help share Christ's love....

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  1. God sent you for a purpose and you were there to help and further God's Kingdom. Prayers for the continued efforts.