Thursday, May 26, 2016

School Photos

As the school year wraps up I am filled with a mixture of emotions...  I'm happy because, let's face it, by the end of the year we, as parents, are just as ready for a break as the kids are! But, as the year ends, I am sad because it means our time at Nate Saint Memorial school is coming to a close. I am so incredibly thankful for the teachers and staff that have served, in a far-away place, to educate my children.  What a blessing NSMS has been to our family!  For the Biblical truths that have been taught and the example that has been shown to our kids, we are grateful.

It's not a big school, but we have been so blessed to have our kids go to NSMS!!

Josiah - 9th grade

Josiah's 9th grade class (the first high schoolers at NSMS) - Karen, Miss Kendrick, Josiah & Jonny

Olivia - 6th grade

Olivia's 6th grade class - front row: Georgia, Randy, Susie - back row: Natalie, Skyler, Joshua, Erik, Joshua, Olivia


  1. Now where will they go to school?

  2. Your kids are so beautiful!

  3. Love those brown eyed Irwin's!!😘😘