Friday, August 26, 2016

Last Church Service and Lots of Tears

What a blessing our church family has been these last years.  Being a part of this body of believers was one of the highlights of our entire time in Ecuador.  The relationships we built will last a lifetime and into eternity, thanks to the hope we have in HIM.  But, with such joy comes the difficult goodbyes.  Ugghhhh!  Not fun.

Pastor Rey and his family (minus a couple of kids).  Dedicated to Christ in every aspect of their lives.  What an example they are to the body.

Andi with the ladies group from Thursday nights.  Always a highlight of the week.

Josiah receiving a "keepsake" drummer for being the drummer for many years.  It's a miniature drum set with his face on a pingpong ball head.  Funny!

Chad, trying to get through his last teaching without breaking down in tears.  

Olivia with friends from church.  (she's the one in the chevron dress...haha!) 

Saying goodbye to Meniwa.  Hopefully we'll see him in the U.S. continuing his aviation training in the future. 

Last baptism service that we could be a part of.  The water was way too cold!!!

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  1. Oh how awesome to see these photos...and especially Rey/Blanca and kids! Andi, in the photo with you and the ladies, who is the lady to your right? I think she and her husband had a little store across the street from our house. Good to see Meniwa as well. Bitter-sweet, isn't it? Very precious friendships! Way to go drummer, Josiah, serving the church with your drums!