Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Last Flight

We knew that it was coming, but Chad didn't really want to think about it.  His last flight in Ecuador was sure to be full of emotions and mixed feelings. The great thing about the flight is that it was moving a good friend and his work team out of the jungle.  So, it was a good memory of doing what we felt God had called us to do so many years ago.  The Kodiak was loaded up for the in-load with supplies for a water project in a community.   The out-load would be the missionary and his team of volunteers.  It was a great "last" flight and highlighted what the Kodiak could do so well.  With the seats removed, it easily hauled the PVC piping for the project and because of the longer cabin, the pipes didn't have to be cut into as many pieces as with the 206.  This allowed the project to go more quickly and with less unions and therefore less places for leaks.  Soon, Mashient will have clean drinking water at each home in the community.  On the return leg, the seats were installed for the team and they headed back to Shell.   There is a lot of work to go, but our co-workers will be there to help, now that we are gone.

Arriving back in Shell

Even after your last flight, it's still a team effort to unload and secure the plane.  Chad says he will miss working with these guys every day.

Coke makes everything better!

Wim (Reach Beyond missionary and friend) helping unload the piping in Mashient

Red eyes...probably from the dust, yeah the dust that's it.  

This is the "congratulations, you didn't kill yourself in all the years flying in Ecuador" kiss.  


  1. As I read this, it also brings tears to my eyes. I know how much you loved what you did to further the kingdom down there. It showed in all the blogs and in the all the friends you made while there. But I know God is not finished with you both yet.:) He has plans here in the states for you to further the kingdom right here. I love you both very much and am proud of all you did there. But I would be lying if I didn't say I am glad you all are a little closer to family now:) Love you all MoM and Grannie Annie

  2. Ahhh, so many emotions; and humor! Good kiss! :-)


  3. Miss you guys! May the Lord bless the years coming as He has in Ecuador!