Tuesday, September 13, 2016

You're probably tired of all of these "lasts" posts, but here are some more...

I probably can't write a whole lot about these photos, as the represent so many things and people that we will miss.  I don't want to short out the computer with my tears, so we'll just skip to the captions.

Josiah and his buddies made one last trip to the caves to explore. 

Jonny and Josiah, best friend since pre-school.  That's a tear jerker photo for us.  

I think this is the "before caving" picture when the guys were clean.  Steve seems pretty excited. 

Mission community wiffleball was always a favorite.  We did it several Sundays before we left and managed not to get hurt, which was a minor miracle.  Those Umbles are pretty intense.  

We spent a wonderful evening with Gloria, who worked for us for almost 12 years.  She invited us to her home and cooked us a great meal.  We spent the evening laughing and crying and being entertained by her cat.

Gloria and Andi saying good bye.  Hard...

One last trip to our favorite seafood restaurant.  They always had the coldest cokes and we would know, because we drank a lot of them.   This was actually the final day of school for the 9th grade class.

It's hard to rate the difficulty of each goodbye, but this was a hard one for sure.   Ceviche makes everything better though.

Maria has been a friend, confidant, grandmother, councilor, prayer warrior, and inspiration for us since we arrived in Shell.  She'll love you like Jesus AND give you a kick in the rear if you need it.  

Saying goodbye to Monica.  She's the Compassion child that Andi's folks have sponsored since she was about 4-5 years old. 

Good friends.  No words to describe how much we miss them.  

Andi and Jennifer enjoying bbq shrimp that Josué brought for us from the coast.  So GOOD.

Last flight as a family (+ Jonny)

We went to Sucua where we lived for our first two years in Ecuador to visit our good friends, Carlos and Silvana.  We couldn't even say good bye to them.  We just hugged/cried and got in the car.  #family

The Mariño family made us a wonderful meal, as always.  Tomás was our flight coordinator for years and Gladys was the radio operator. 

The team after Chad's last prayer circle before work.  

The kids that came out early to say goodbye to Josiah and Olivia. 

We didn't cry at all (not), as they group hugged.

Our last walk down Naciones Unidos in Quito before flying out.   

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