Friday, January 6, 2017

Saying Goodbye...

I knew this day would come and in fact had been praying for it. Over the years I had said my "final" goodbye to my Grandma many times.  Even leaving for Costa Rica, almost 17 years ago, was hard and I knew that my then 81 year old grandma might not be around when we returned from our first term overseas. Of course Grandma continually amazed us with both her longevity and her ability to find joy and humor, even in tough times. She had several stays in the hospital, was on hospice a handful of times, but always bounced back. This past furlough I was able to see her several times a week and most of those trips were good ones. It was hard to see her frustrated with life as it had become. She knew that Jesus was just a few breaths away, but somehow she kept hanging around. I knew that my prayer for her was the mirror of what she was praying. I kept praying, "Lord, just let her come home." Finally, God's and my timing coincided and on December 28th she went to meet Him.  Even though I had thought about and worried over this day for so many years, God, in His mercy, allowed it to happen while we were home. He also allowed me time with her that I never expected or even could have hoped for. Because of His kindness I can't be too sad that she is "gone," because I know it's what we all wanted, and in His ultimate gift of kindness, I will see her again.  I love you Grandma!

Grandma sporting her tattoo sleeve we bought her as a joke!  I will sure miss her humor!

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  1. Appreciate your words of truth and encouragement in this tribute to your Grandma! I'm thinking the very same thing for my Uncle Irvin, who died yesterday afternoon. He too loved Jesus and I know is very happy to be in Heaven with Him!