Monday, March 6, 2017

Snow and Life

Although we could see snow on the volcanoes, we didn't really get to enjoy it much in Ecuador.  The truth is we haven't enjoyed it too much in Ohio either.  It's fun for about a day, maybe an afternoon but our blood has thinned too much for much more than that.  Thankfully it's been a really mild winter and we haven't had to fight it too much.

First snowfall of the year.

Charlie (the Ecuadorian beagle) is training for his new job as an Alaskan sled dog.

Obligatory snow angel

Rosey cheeks.  I think this was a selfie as we were too cold to go out.  The kids stayed out for several hours.

Josiah wanted to go to Taco Bell for his birthday.  Strange kid, but dad was happy with his choice.

16 years ago we were preparing to leave for Costa Rica with this little guy.

Josiah and his friends (on the left) after they failed to get out of an Escape room for his birthday. 

Chad traveled to Spokane for Moody Aviation's mission's conference.  Jonathan and Andrew made sure they all maintained a strict dress code.

Some of you might remember "Snowy" from Ecuador.  He was gifted to our neighbors, but Granny Franny surprised the kids with an exact replica from pictures. 

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