Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Prom 2017

If you know Josiah at all, you know he wants to be wherever the party is! Earlier this year we had a discussion with Josiah and Olivia about prom and how Chad and I thought it was a waste of money and not a lot of fun. But, we didn't really think we would need to worry about prom this year though, as Josiah is just a sophomore. Well, a bunch of teens in the youth group starting talking about going to prom as a group.  Josiah wanted to be involved, so he and Ally (a senior) decided to go together just for fun.  (Remember, he's all about FUN!)  He had the best time and completely blew our theory about prom being a bore!  He also spent minimal money, because he borrowed a friend's suit.  He couldn't have asked for a better group of friends to have fun with either.

Josiah, Ally, Abigail and Josiah (I know! There are only 2 in the school!)

Us with the Bagleys.


  1. So fun! Can't believe he's a sophomore already!

  2. We were at Legoland in February and Chloe wanted to play one of those carnival games with her souvenir money. We kept telling her not to waste her money and that no one ever wins, we even watched an entire family each try the game and lose. She insisted and of course she landed all 3 balls in the basket and won an enormous stuffed animal. We promised to never doubt her ability again!