Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School in the Jungle

I thought you might be interested to see who Chad was flying today. It's different from day to day, but this week he is flying teachers back into the jungle for the school year. These teachers are provided (for the most part) by the Ministry of Education here in Ecuador. They are assigned their location. So, some of them have never been to the jungle - let alone LIVED there! Can you imagine? It's like going camping, without your nice RV and food you stopped at the grocery store to get. Oh yea, and this campground doesn't have a shower or even running water for that matter! That would be some serious culture shock!

Richard is the flight coordinator. He is in charge of figuring out who is going where, how much baggage they have and how much they weigh. Each teacher is allowed 100 lbs. of baggage.

Here's the mountain of baggage that's waiting for a flight.

You can see the kid's school to the right of the hangar and our house is directly across the street from the hangar.

Chad and Maximo loading a plane.

Here's the cutest passenger of the day!

Poor guy had to ride in the pod. :(

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  1. Ok,so I know who to call now when I need some good photographs. Your blog looks great... aside from the side that your background comes from "hot bliggity blog." Really, what kind of a name is that. Still, I have to admit that I like the background.