Thursday, September 10, 2009

"New" House

Last summer, right before we left for furlough, our landlady told us that she would like to live in her house. We had to scramble to find a place to put our stuff while we were in the US. You can't just pack your stuff and rent a climate-controlled storage unit here! With so much rain, some houses can be rather moldy, which then of course, can make your things smell kind of lovely! So, we found a suitable place and were even lucky enough to have someone available to house-sit. You can't leave your house unattended for six months here and hope that it will all still be there when you get back. God really took care of us and our things.

After furlough, we found out that another MAF family would be leaving in May. They were living in an MAF house. MAF owns six houses in front of the hangar. That area is known as our "base". No idea why. Since ourselves, and one other family (who were planning to leave in August to move to the US) were the only ones living in rented homes "in town," it was decided that we would move into the MAF house.

We liked the house, but it needed a bit of work. It needed some improvements done that needed to be fixed while no one was living in it. We had the perfect opportunity to do the work, since we didn't need to be out of our house until August. So, thanks to our "base" maintenance guy, Ron, we were able to move in at the end of July.

Here's what we did:
replaced plywood walls with a different material that would be less likely to be eaten by termites
replaced leaky windows
painted inside from top to bottom
took out a wall in between an office and a bedroom, to make a master bedroom - which also meant closing in two doorways
remodeled a bathroom

It's great to be on the other side of the work! We're really happy with how everything turned out and are glad to be so close to both the school and the hangar. The only thing I'm not so sure about is being so close to the jungle. We've already had two tarantulas in the house!



Living Room/Dining Room

Master Bedroom

Bath (too tight to get good pictures)


Guest Room

Olivia's Room

Josiah's Room

Family Room



  1. WOW! If I didn't know where you had moved, I'd never have guessed that was the same place. It looks so good! I'm so happy for you to have a home again. It looks homey and warm and inviting...guess the tarantulas think so too. But does it at least seem quieter than in town? Thanks so much for posting those pics...I saw our old rocking chair and almost cried though. I spent many hours rocking baby Madison in that chair! Now that we know you have such a nice guestroom, I wish we could come visit :-)

  2. What a lovely home! So cozy! Andi, you must have inherited you Mom's artistic talent. Would you like to come and decorate my house?
    Sure hope Josiah and Olivia are enjoying school.
    Thanks again for sharing your pictures!! :) It's SO interesting to see where you actually live!
    Kathy Gamble

  3. You mean you can actually live like THIS on the mission field?? Hmmm. I feel like I am in the wrong continent! Just kidding. So happy you can live so comfortably.