Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Photography Studio in Town

When Chad and I were home last year on furlough, we decided to invest in a camera. Right before leaving Ecuador, we had been blessed with great family pictures by a visitor who has a photography business (http://www.acapturedlife.com). Chad and I love photography and are photography blog junkies. So, we decided that with Chad's camera knowledge and my eye, we could bless others here with pictures. You can't just run down to JCPenney's to get your kids' pictures taken....but now you can call the Irwins, and the price is great!
Here's a bit of our work so far.

Engagement pictures:
David & Beth
David is our new boss -
since MAF US has handed things over to MAF Ecuador.
And, Beth is a teacher at Nate Saint Memorial School.

Family pictures:
The Edwards
(fellow missionaries)
Of course our first family had to have 8 people!
They were the best though!

Those boys are great.

More to come.....


  1. A-Mazing! I love your eye and the settings are specutaular. We are going to have to get you guys to make us "look good" someday soon!

  2. i am completely impressed. great work! you may be worth the cost to fly to ecuador!