Monday, September 21, 2009

Top 10 things that you don't expect to see during a normal day....or, I guess here in Ecuador you do!

1. A man using the "outdoor facilities" along the road...or in front of the hangar, right beside a big sign that says "Don't go to the bathroom here"!!

2. A woman's entire breast at church. (Ecuadorians are not a fan of the blanket cover-up, while nursing!)

3. A severed cow's head laying in the middle of a downtown street.

4. A whole cow's tongue hanging from a hook over the counter at the butcher shop.

5. Driving on a two lane road with cars four wide. Everyone just moves over.

6. Drunk men passed out along the road.

7. A motorcycle with a family of 5 on it.

8. Watching a "fire drill" at the end of the runway, and then the firetruck skidding off the end of the runway and two of the firemen fall off the back.

9. A Dalmatian dog with 3 inch legs....pure bread is a rarity here!

10. A pick-up truck delivering meat to the butcher shop with it's tailgate down and a dog licking the meat.

**Another missionary just told me that you should always carry your camera with you so that you can get pictures of these type of things....but, I'm not sure you would want to see them!


  1. What about the copious amounts of dog love happening in the streets?

  2. How about a 2x4 serving at the "bridge" across a 6 foot hole in the middle of the street.