Thursday, October 8, 2009

Goings on

Last week Chad and I were able to travel to Quito (the kids stayed in Shell with another family) and do a bunch of airport runs. We took some "big wigs" who were visiting from headquarters and Costa Rica back to Quito after a week of meetings here in Shell. We were able to pickup David Mead who is an MAF Ecuador candidate who is here doing his technical evaluation. And then finally we were able to pick up Ron and Margie Grant who have been on furlough since June. We were busy, but it was sure fun to get away and spend time together as a couple.

The kids also had a great time. They stayed with Rob and Lynette. They also have a son and a daughter and although the kids are all different ages, they get along really well. It's so nice to have friends here that we can count on, just like family.

Chad took some pictures of their family tonight for them to send to a church that supports them.

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