Friday, October 9, 2009

House Guest

As I mentioned earlier, David Mead is here candidating with MAF Ecuador (ADSE). As most of you know, MAF US has now turned over operations here in Ecuador to our national entity. This was done so that even if we, as Americans, can't be here flying, than the work won't end. The DAC (Ecuador's FAA equivalent) has given us limited licensing to our US pilots, so ADSE is actively seeking to employee qualified, like-minded, Ecuadorian pilots. This brings us to David.

David is an MK (missionary kid) who grew up in Venezuela. He served in the Marines and did a stint at the US embassy here in Quito. It is there that he met his wife Maggie - an Ecuadorian. David is hoping (and so are we!) that he will be able to come back to Ecuador and apply for citizenship and therefore be able to fly as a national.

David has been staying with us and Chad has been doing his technical evaluation. He'll find out next week the outcome of his evaluations. David, Maggie and their four children are hoping to move here in January. Please pray with us that everything would go smoothly next week and as they hopefully transition down here.


  1. If only Chad was gazing off into the sunset like Nate Saint, this picture would be perfect!

  2. Chad...did you find that outfit in the Nate Saint House or are those the new uniforms? Sean

  3. I think the two of you are the only ones that read this blog!!

  4. Highway to the Danger Zone. . . . you know i'm thinking of Top Gun?