Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Neat Opportunity....Please Pray

Tomorrow afternoon Chad will be flying into a community (Jandiayacu) as part of a team to share the Gospel. This community is currently benefiting from a foundation that is doing a clean water project in their community. Since this project started, the community sent a letter to MAF to request that someone come in to share with them about Jesus! Can you believe that?!! What an awesome opportunity. So, a team of 4 from MAF are going in and spending the night. There will be preaching/teaching, singing, a program for the kids, testimonies, etc. Pray that their hearts will be open and that the team will feel comfortable sharing and that the words would come easily. I'm sure Chad will have some great pictures when he gets home. I'll keep you posted.

In the mean time, enjoy these pictures that he took yesterday, while waiting for our radio technicians to fix some radios in several communities. He was able to fly the "new" plane that is a 182 that runs on car fuel. That's about as technical as I get!!


  1. We will surely be praying for the opportunity in JAN. Awesome! Sweet pics Chad...Looks like you are starting to enjoy your new hobby just a little too much...Hopefully your spouse doesn't nag you every time you pull over or stop life to smell the roses and take a picture at the same time. I am still working on my spouse, and she is getting better.

  2. We will be praying for the team going - that the Lord would open ears and hearts and that the words that are spoken are from the Lord. We pray that the people in the community are filled with great joy and hope as they hear the best news of their lives.