Sunday, August 22, 2010


The other day one of the hangar workers called me to say that Chad was on his way back from and flight and he wanted me to bring the camera to the hangar.  That usually means that there is something weird that he is carrying in the plane!  So, I "obeyed" just as any good wife should!  Here is what I found....

Chad had taken a couple of guys into a community to do a radio installation and since the community knew that he would be there for a while they went "fishing".   In this case fishing means that they put some poison in the river, which then paralyzes the fish and then they are ripe for the taking!  Of course I was assured that the poison of course doesn't hurt the meat and it's ok to eat.  I'm not totally sure I believe that!  The community sent an entire plane FULL (about 800 pounds) of cat fish with Chad to sell at the hangar and then with the proceeds they can, in turn, pay for the flight and make some money for themselves. The largest fist was well over 100 pounds.    I'm not a huge fan of fish, but of course the trusty pilot was given one for doing the flight, so Elsa (our MAF secretary, neighbor, and friend) came over to help cut it up and of course eat some too!  She loved the deal since we said she could have the head for soup!  ICK!!

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