Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shuar Bible Translation

One of the highlights of our time here in Ecuador has been helping with the logistic side of the Shuar Bible Translation.  This 30 year project is just now coming to an end and we happen to be here to see it's completion.  Since arriving in Ecuador more than eight years ago, I've been privileged to help fly the translation assistants from their respective communities to the translation center in Makuma.   Now we get to be involved in actually delivering those Bibles to the Shuar people.  Two weeks ago I was able to fly the first boxes of the Shuar Bible to the translation center.  None of the boxes had been opened, so that the Shuar people could have the privilege of opening them for the first time.  Then last week I had the honor of flying Eldon and Phyllis Yoder (long time missionaries to the Shuar people)  to several communities to present and dedicate the Bibles.   We spent most of the week in meetings where Eldon shared about the new Bibles.  He explained to the people how to use them and some things they might find different from Spanish Bibles they had used in the past.  For instance, the people in the communities were used to the first book of the Bible being called "Genesis".   So many folks were surprised to find a different name in their Shuar version.  That's because Genesis means beginnings, so the Shuar word  for beginnings was used.   Many other books had "new" titles as well.  Although I didn't understand a lot of what was being said during the meetings (because it was in Shuar) I could feel God's presence in a unique way as I watched those around me open the scriptures in their own language.  It gives me goose bumps even as I write this post.  God's word is powerful.

It was a wonderful and humbling experience to be involved with handing out God's word to a people and something I'll never forget.  Helping to finish a project that has been the life work of many people and one in which hundreds of others have had a part is truly a blessing and we are indeed grateful.  May the Shuar Translation of the Bible shine it's light like a beacon and draw many into the Kingdom. 

Eldon and Phyllis Yoder after a week of Bible deliveries and dedications

When was the last time you were this happy to read your Bible???

Unloading the Shuar Bibles in Warientza

Studying God's word in the Community of Yaapi

Yaapi Church during Bible Dedication

Eldon during one of the many Bible studies.

My plane waiting for the next "delivery".


  1. I can see why this is a highlight, very cool!

  2. This is SOOOOO cool. Love the pics and your thoughts of it.

  3. Probably my favorite post of the blog's first year! -thanks Chad and Andi for sharing.

  4. Hello! I am a fellow missionary here in Ecuador and I am working with some Shuar villages outside of Puyo and I desperately want to learn the language but cannot seem to find any resources. Can you help me? Perhaps point me in the right direction or at least tell me how I might get my hands on a Shuar bible? Thank you so much!

  5. That God continue using his lives and bless them greatly, in the sky we have our reward. Our crowns.
    The glory and the honor are for all-powerful God.