Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rewarding Trips

Chad was able to leave on Tuesday to spend the rest of the week in the jungle.  The Hedlands, who are missionaries with Avant Ministries, have been translating the Bible into the Shuar language.   After many years (you have to wait for Chad to come back to give you more details!) they have completed the translation and the printed copies have arrived.  So, Chad is on a short trip with a former missionary couple (the Yoders) who used to live in the jungle.  They are delivering the Bibles to some of the communities where they served.  What a privilege to hand someone the Word of God in their very own language!  I'm sure he'll have a few hundred pictures to share when he gets back so I'll write more later....

1 comment:

  1. What a proud and humbling moment! Estoy celoso! I can't wait to read or see what Chad's week is like. So many decades of work all wrapped up in some cardboard boxes...awesome! Great to see a picture of ol' Chadcito! Blessings, Sean