Friday, August 6, 2010

Spontaneous Hiatus!

Wow, I had no intentions of not blogging for 2 months!  How does life get away from me?!

Well, my last post talked about the kids and I heading to Ohio and my torn calf muscle.   Thanks to your prayers our trip went well and I was able to relax (maybe more than I really wanted to!) for about 3 weeks at my parents until my leg was good enough to get out and SHOP!   I was pretty bummed though, because my leg got better just in time for Chad to fly to Ohio and I didn't get as much accomplished before he got there.

We had a GREAT time at "home".  It was so refreshing to spend time with our families, friends, worship in English, and just relax.  Our main reason for spending our vacation in Ohio was because my Grandma hadn't been doing well this past year.  I guess it was all a ploy to get us to come home, because the day after I arrived, she was moved back to her home from the nursing home and is doing great.  God is soooo good and He has blessed us abundantly.

Here are a few pictures of our "vacation"....

Josiah, Olivia and I with my Grandma Etzler
Good Friends:  on the left, Kim Johnson and us, on the right, Kristy & Jeff Bagley and Kristen & Steve Dunbar

Front row: Olivia, Ellie Dunbar, Troy & Katie Johnson   Back Row: Josiah, Jacob Dunbar, Caleb & Abigail Bagley, Stephanie & Allison Johnson

The Irgleys

Olivia and her Grandpa
Josiah & Olivia with their Grandma and cousins, Bennet, Caden & Teagan
Caden, Olivia, Bennet & Josiah
Dr's McKinnon and Us (we met them in Shell where they were doing a medical rotation at the HCJB hospital)

Josh making a golfing excuse!

The benefit of having Dr. friends!!  Josiah had something in his eye.  Looks worse than it was!
My mom, sister, Josiah, Olivia and I were able to go to a concert.
I think the kids liked the face painting more than the concert!!

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  1. glad to see a new post- always love hearing your news, and especially seeing your pictures.