Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Weekend

Last Wednesday night I was telling Chad that I hadn't blogged in a while and that I didn't have anything exciting to blog about.  Then, Thursday's "coup" attempt happened and my internet was knocked out for a bit, so I couldn't even blog about that when I wanted to.   Then, Saturday Chad called me from the hangar (he was the "on-call" pilot for the weekend) and asked if I wanted to be on TV.    He said that someone from the Discovery channel had called to say that they were filming here in Shell and they needed some "gringos" in some of their footage.  He called around and found some other willing folks and we went to experience our 5 minutes of "fame"!   They were shooting for a show called "Getting out Alive".  It's about a guy who was kidnapped in Columbia and held for 9 months.  We were in a scene where his wife arrives at the airplane, after  he has been released.  Let's just say it was a very short scene that took about an hour and a half to shoot from every angle possible.  Being an actress is tough work!!   It was fun just to see a bit about how things happen behind the scenes.   We'll let you know when it's going to be aired.  They said in about 3 months.   Sorry to say, I don't have any pictures of our experience.

But, I will share some from Olivia's trip with Dad to the jungle on Saturday.   Chad can take an extra passenger with him if he is going out for an emergency and coming right back.  So, Olivia was able to ride along to pick up a lady that had been bitten by a snake on her hand.

I'm not sure I'd have a smile either if I had to sit next to a naked boy!

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