Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where do you worship?

After many years at the same church, in a nearby town, we decided to make a change.  We recently started attending a Waodani church in Puyo.  It was started by a Colombian missionary who used to work with the Compassion International program (who we also fly for).   It is now co-led by three pastors, the Colombian, a Waodani, and a Quichua.  Some worship songs we sing in 5 languages, including English!  We meet on the 3rd story of an apartment building on the "terrace".  Sounds kinda fancy, doesn't it?  

Recently a supporter from the US asked us to send him a photo of our sanctuary.  He is a part of a congregation that just built a new building and was a little concerned about how much we spend on buildings in the U.S. and sometimes don't appreciate them.    He wanted his kids to see where some of their missionaries go to "church".    We definitely like the open air feeling on hot days, but the trash truck always seems to go by during the service.    As it lumbers along the street the smell sometime wafts up for us to enjoy. 

Mother and Friend of our Quichua Pastor singing praises in their native language.

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  1. This reminds me of the first church we attended here, also on a third floor. No bathrooms, but lovely potted plants that Grace would "water" from time to time. It definitely makes you appreciate a nice church building.