Thursday, October 21, 2010


 Last weekend we flew to the jungle community of Tiwaeno to spend the night.  Our friends the Williams family are there for the month of October working on learning the Waodani language.  We thought we'd make a trip to encourage them.  It was a lot of fun and minus the chigger bites, we'd do it all again!

The Williams family (Chet, Katie, Tanner, Brooklyn and Skyler)   Brooklyn is in Josiah's class and Skyler is in Olivia's.  They are missionaries with Youth World.

This is what the jungle looks like by air.

The community was having an inauguration for their high school, so they had a "community" lunch.  They served soup with either chicken or pork, noodles and potatoes.  It was quite good.  They don't usually have noodles or potatoes, but a group had been in the community working and had left them there for them.  They were also pretty excited that we had brought rolls and Coke to share.
These girls sat down after our kids were done eating and told us that they would "clean" up what was left in the kid's bowls!

This lady and the lady in the next picture sat and wove purses while we were getting supper ready.  They only speak Waodani so it was a bit frustrating not being able to communicate with them. 

This is Katie's kitchen.

For supper we had rice, eggs and sweet corn - which for some reason we can't get in Shell!  It was GREAT!

Gary (nice Waodani name eh?) likes to hang out where the action is.

Olivia and Brooklyn
Little girl on the runway.
This is Gary's grandma....can you believe it?!
Gary's grandma made Olivia this purse - hard to believe it's really not a hat!
The community built this home for Chet and Katie.  The river is just to the right and down the bank.  The kids had a great time jumping in!

Everyone helping pull the airplane out.
Not my favorite picture!


  1. Great pictures! What a great idea to visit and encourage (and bring coke :) Tthe people of Sacha Runa now grow sweet corn that is wonderful. They had their first crop ready the month before we left. If you head over there and ask, I am sure they would sell you some.

  2. We are friends of Paul and Kim Barton and have been to Shell twice to serve at Casa de Fe and got to meet Josiah, Brooklyn, Tanner, and Skylar there. These pictures are incredible and it is amazing to see life as a missionary at the deepest levels of service. How God will bless your families for this work. We are hoping to bring our 3 daughters down this summer to serve for several weeks and to visit with the Bartons.

    Rob and Shannon Temple - Dallas, TX