Friday, October 29, 2010

Nate Saint House Dedication Preparations

Tomorrow (Chad's Birthday) we are having the dedication for the Nate Saint house.  It's unbelievable.  Who would've thought it could look so good?  Since we've lived here in Ecuador it has only been used for storage.  The termites had destroyed it.   It was always pretty scary to go inside.  You never knew what might fly at you or it was always possible that the floor would give way.   Here's a few pictures of the last minute details.

The kids were able to help out with the new landscaping by painting rocks for their art classes.

I was able to help out by laying out the story of Nate Saint for a "museum" room and also researching and hunting for photos of all former MAF missionaries who have served here.  It was a fun task.  I really enjoyed getting to see who all have gone before us.  

Here's a picture of our current MAF team.  It sure isn't as hard to round everybody up as it used to be.  When we first arrived in Ecuador we had around 20 families!  Now, we're down to 7.

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  1. It does look AWESOME! I never imagined it could even be renovated. I'm sure your "museum" room looks great. I so wish we could be there this weekend for the celebration. We love you guys and we treasure our memories of Ecuador. We miss you and Ecuador every. single. day. By the way, please tell me you found a better picture of our family than the one that was on MAF's Facebook page!?! Oh, and Happy Birthday to Chad!