Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nate Saint House Re-dedication

Today we are wrapping up a 4 day holiday weekend (day of the dead).  It has been super busy.  The weekend started off with the re-dedication of the Nate Saint house.  About 300 people attended the re-dedication of the house.  Many were from other mission organizations, but others were local and regional politicians.  Also present were many of the people we serve every day.  One highlight for us was to see the grandson of one of the men who martyred the 5 missionaries stand up and share with those gathered.  It was a powerful reminder to us of God's grace and how he uses normal people for extra-ordinary purposes.    A group from MAF headquarters, as well as our boss from Costa Rica, also came to share in the dedication.

On Sunday, our church met in the Nate Saint house for it's service.  Many MAF folks came as well and enjoyed worshiping with us.  We loved having such a mixed group together to worship the Lord.  There were Ecuadorians, including Waorani and Atshuar, as well as  Colombians, Americans, New Zealanders,  Germans, Australians,  and probably a couple others that I missed.  I would say that's a pretty good mix of people when there were only about 50-60 people in the service.

Monday was a holiday, but the on-call pilot was busy with emergencies so I took the group from headquarters into the jungle to visit a community and interview one of the surviving members of the killing party from 54 years ago.  It was a treat for them to be with people that live so differently than they do, but love and serve the same Lord.  That night we had a pot-luck dinner for for the MAF folks.  It was a nice time to enjoy each other's company and we also had time to pick the brains of the headquarters staff.

Today we relaxed a little and worked on projects around the house.  It was nice to have a day to catch up on things and get ready for the week.

Here are some pictures from Saturday.

The original kitchen which is part of the "museum" area.  This is where the wives of the 5 missionaries found out about the deaths of their husbands.

More of the kitchen.  We used old windows from the house to frame photos of families that have served here with MAF.

The old radio room.

Mincaye's great-grandson.  Mincaye was part of the "killing party".

Daniel Soria (current MAF pilot) looking at the history.

The crowd with the old hangar in the background.

Josiah the budding photographer


Mincaye Jr. - the grandson of Mincaye

Church in the new meeting room.

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