Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please Pray for Gloria

Yesterday during chapel at the kid's school, a fellow missionary shared about having faith and believing God is going to answer your prayers.  What a great message!   How many times do I pray and hope that God will answer, but not really believe?  It's like playing the lottery.  Who would ever honestly believe they are going to win? 

So, right after chapel I was talking with my friend Gloria.  I have known Gloria for 7 years.  She has experienced a lot of heartache during that time and yesterday was no different.  She is having some serious family problems that may come to a head today.  I shared with her about what was said during chapel and reminded her about how big God is and how she doesn't have to do anything but pray.  I know that's hard to believe sometimes when it seems like nothing ever works out the way you would like.  But, wouldn't it be awesome if it did today?!  Would you pray with me this morning for Gloria?  She would be blown away if God answered her prayers.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Praying for Gloria.

  2. We are praying.

    ~Harold and Cheryl