Monday, April 4, 2011

Richard's Visa

We have known Richard since we moved to Shell.  He volunteered for MAF and was our neighbor.  It's been Richard's dream to fly with MAF since he was little.  He is now getting that chance.  Part of the process involves him going to Nampa, Idaho to our headquarters to go through a month long training course.  It is pretty tough for an Ecuadorian to get a visa to enter the US.  Would you please pray for Richard this morning as he goes for his visa interview?   Also pray that Richard do well on his technical evaluation that Chad is giving him.  It's our dream for him to go too, but it's Chad's job to make sure he's ready.

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  1. I went out to MAF yesterday to say hello to Richard. So good to see how far he's come with MAF. Blessings on the two of you for all the time, energy, and prayer you've invested into him.