Monday, April 4, 2011


Richard was denied a visa for the US.   It costs $140 just to have an interview at the embassy!  Sometimes we think that they are only allowed a certain number of visas per day - so they arbitrarily tell people yes or no, depending on how they are feeling at the moment!    I guess he will try again and hopefully we can talk to some contacts that MAF has in the embassy to see what he could do differently.   Pray that he won't be too discouraged.    THANKS for praying!


  1. Praying - I think it depends on the person. When I went with my friend, Maria, the lady said I could not talk for her. That lady went to lunch and I went back anyway...the guy asked her some questions and she answered them all wrong (she was nervous). I asked if I could speak for her and the young man said yes. Based on what I said, he approved her. He said it was because we had the written/notorized letter that she had a job here (the pay had to be $100 every two weeks). Also, because all of her family was here. Any family in the US will prompt a denial as will a lack of family ties in Ecuador (spouse/children). We also had a letter from our church explaining why she was coming, and we had tickets reserved for ourselves and her also with return flight information. We had talked with two people (non-missionaries) who had gotten approval for friends before trying and this is what they shared was the criteria. Not sure if that is true or if it was us praying while waiting, but she was given a month visa, and upon her return was given the ability to go for a year the next time she wants to come.

  2. Oh bummer, okay, praying!

    I loved the school photos!

  3. Please let Richard know that his "chamos" from Venezuela are praying with him! To God be the glory what ever the outcome may be, but we will hope and we will pray for a good report! Dale and Katie