Saturday, June 4, 2011

Casa de Fe School Photos

We were able to take school photos for the Casa de Fe orphanage here in Shell.  Chad never wants to go to the orphanage because he doesn't want to think about why the kids are there.  But, in spite of their circumstances, the kids are in a GREAT place with lots of love and a staff that loves the Lord.  I was only going to share the class photos - but the individual photos are so precious, I had to share them too.  The best part of the morning was when a little boy came up to Chad (he has braces on his legs, so it took some effort) and gave him a big hug and said thank you.  My poor tender-hearted husband can't handle things like that!!

You can read about the orphanage here.

Patti Sue is the founder of the orphanage.


Miss Dallas and class.

Miss Megan and her class.  Can you tell it was a bit rough getting them to look this good??  If this is the best shot, imagine what the rest look like!!

Here's Megan's great individual shot!!  We may have gotten a better one than this...but that's not near as fun!  Can you believe that she is roommates with Josiah's teacher.......
I think they are both in the wrong profession....don't you?

Miss Alison with her class


The Pre-K class
Casa de Fe 2011

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  1. Those are some precious faces!

    I loved our Skype date the other night. I hope we can have another one soon.