Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hardin Hoedown

This past weekend we attended the annual Hardin Hoedown.  Mike and Karol Hardin and kids used to be missionaries here with HCJB.  Mike is a Doctor and they have come back every summer since they left so that Mike can work at the hospital for a couple of weeks.   When they lived here Mike and Karol were known as the resident "party planners."  So, this weekend Mike led us all in some great line dancing.  You didn't know missionaries had fun did you?!!  Here are some photos of the fun....

The Chicken Dance!

Olivia and Heather Tacheny

Josiah, Olivia & Andi

Olivia and Chad

The Hillbillys

The Hardins and The Whiteheads

The Irwins and The Hardins


  1. How come you didn't put the picture of Chad and Mike dancing together?

  2. You made me read a blog!!