Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The "Casa"

The past couple of weeks were action packed as the school year wrapped up.  The last Friday of the year we always have a school-wide Olympics.   This year was extra fun because our friends, the Hardin's were here and their two boys were able to participate as well.

Evan Hardin and Josiah
Kirsten Hardin and Olivia

Sydney Tachney and Olivia

Right after the Olympics we left for a weekend vacation with the Hardins.  The only downer about that was Josiah started getting sick towards the end of the Olympics and carried on until we arrived at the river.  Not a fun car ride!  The joy of it all was that by the end of the weekend several more kids joined in on the fun!!  There's always a good story when you're with the Hardins!

Here are our pictures from our weekend at "Casa del Suizo."   Always a FUN time!
Kirsten and Olivia waiting for the canoe ride.

To get to Casa del Suizo you have to park and then they shuttle you and your luggage in these canoes to the hotel.  It makes it feel like you are on an island.

Olivia and I before our tubing trip in the river.

The hotel rooms from a tower look-out.

"Sick" Josiah - he doesn't even look sick in this photo!

Mike, Karol and Chad

What a life!

Everyone knows Chad loves to know what's "In Style!"

Chad and the leaches!

Saying goodbye - the Hardins were able to stay an extra day, but we had to leave to finish out the school year.  : (

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