Friday, June 24, 2011

Progressive Dessert Party

Last weekend we were asked to help drive and judge for our church's youth group event.  They were having a progressive dessert contest.  It started at 5:30 and because Chad had to work, we didn't have time to eat supper beforehand.  We both felt so sick after the night was over - not because the desserts were bad, but because we were overloaded on sweets!    What a fun time!   Oh, except for when our overloaded car of girls said they knew where Tamara's house was......  Let's just say Chad wasn't having fun then!

This is team #1.  Mipo (in the purple) lives in the church, so it was at his "house".  We played games first and then partook of the cake that they "made".  Later we learned that they bought it!
Chad and the third judge - Mincaye.  If we were judging by weight, this one would've won!

The boys got to ride in the back of a truck because it was raining!  Sometimes it pays to be a girl!

This is group #2 and also the winners, at Tamara's (2nd from the right in the pink) house.  They made pies.  This was a tight room for 43 of us!  We later found out that Tamara and her sister live here by themselves so they can go to school, as the rest of their family lives in the jungle.

Group #3 was peach flan at Paulina's house (she is second from the left).   Paulina is the oldest daughter of one of our pastors.

Hilberto (on the left) is Mincaye's grandson and one of our pastors.  He was translating for his grandpa since Mincaye only speaks Waorani.

Team #4 made rice pudding.  This is an apartment attached to our third pastor's home.  Manuela lives here (she is third from the left). 

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  1. Glad you had fun! Thanks for letting us watch your kids and eat your fathers day present :)