Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jo's Flight

We have been so busy with some great friends from Ohio, that I haven't had a spare minute to blog.  I am so far behind and have so much to share!

First, since it's summer, Josiah was able to go along on a flight with his dad.  The kids take turns when there's an empty seat.  It doesn't happen too often - because it's more profitable to have a full plane, with paying customers!

There ended up being a flight for our Radio Technician (Juan) to go fix one of the jungle radios.  They took the smaller 4 seat airplane, but there was still room for Josiah.  This was the first flight that Josiah has gone on that he didn't fall asleep 10 minutes into the flight!  I guess he's growing up.  The flight was beautiful with blue skies all the way to their destination.  Of course they arrived over the airstrip just as a rain cloud began to dump on the tiny airstrip.  After waiting for about 10 minutes they were able to make a slip and slide landing on the 420 meter strip.  They spent about an hour fixing the antenna that broke when the pole it was attached to fell in a storm.  While they were working on the antenna some folks from the community informed Chad that there was a child with a very bad cut on his foot.  It seems he or his friend hit him on the top of the foot with a machete.  Ouch!  Chad had to do a hop to another longer airstrip to get everyone out, but it was a good thing they were in the community.  The boy was losing so much blood that he started passing out on the flight out.  We're thankful that God planned the radio repair flight to happen at just the right time for that boy's injury.  God is good! 

We have double the pictures because both Chad and Josiah took their cameras....


  1. Love the Photos! Can't wait to be back with you guys soon.

  2. Bowling Green Falcons!
    great photos Josiah- I especially like the one of the plane taking off with the people in the foreground.