Sunday, July 24, 2011

Please Pray for the Nevins Family

Our dear friends Chris, Janet and Elijah Nevins (the family that came to rebuild the Nate Saint house) were robbed Thursday night by 7 armed men.  They were living a couple hours away from us while working on a building for Compassion Connection.  It's not just that they were robbed of their possessions and the things they were using on the work site - but they were held for three long hours, while almost their entire house was emptied, not knowing what the future would hold.   Please pray for peace and calm to be restored in their souls and for the ability to process it all.   Our hearts are broken for them and sad that such evil exists in this world, buy joyful in the knowledge that our God's love can surpass every type of evil man can devise. 

Just this past month, Chad took a group with the Nevins family into the jungle.  Chris, Janet and Elijah are on the right.

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  1. My heart is broken for these friends. Praying for God's peace and protection and His comfort. Please let us know how else we can help.