Friday, November 11, 2011

How important is email/internet to you?

Do you get frustrated when your email or internet doesn't work?  That complaint is a constant topic of conversation here.  Think about living in the jungle with no phones, no cheap transportation and no contact with your family.  Our friends Dwain and Lois Holmes have lived in the jungle here for the past 20+ years.  During those years they haven't always had reliable email or internet, but lately things have been much worse.  For the past few months Dwayne has been walking out of the jungle (2+ hour walk and a 3+ hour bus ride) and staying with us so that he can check his email!  (Sadly, it's too expensive to fly with MAF as often as he needs to come out of the jungle.)  They have 4 kids in the US and it's hard for them to be out of contact with them for too long.  I'm not sure how missionaries way back when dealt with not being able to communicate with family back home.  I can't even imagine.   Along with praying for their internet, could you also pray for their electricity as well?  They have hydroelectric power that hasn't been consistent as of late.  They have a generator but they can't run it long enough to keep their refrigerator at a decent temperature.  

So, when you are about to complain about your internet speed - just think about the Holmes and say little prayer for them!

On another note....we don't get school off today here for Veteran's day, so it's a good thing my internet is working so that everyone else can remind me of the significance of this day!  I am so thankful for the men and women that put themselves on the line every day for our country's freedom.  That's true bravery.  I'm thankful for people like Dwain, who was a helicopter crew chief and door gunner in Vietnam and survived being shot down 3 times!  I guess God will do whatever it takes to get a hold of your life!  Now Dwain tells the Achuar people this very thing.  God saved him physically in Vietnam, so that he could share the Good News of God's love with them.  Remarkable!

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