Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tiweano Trip

While my parents were here, they decided that even though they've been to the jungle, they hadn't visited a Waorani community.  So, we rounded up a few other visitors to make the trip complete.  As always, the people in Tiweano were super welcoming and a joy to introduce to our friends.

Oma - one of the elders/pastors in the community
My dad showing off his "mad" blow-gun skills!

Pegonka - another elder/pastor in the community

Lizi looks like she's enjoying sharing the germs on this blow-gun!  
(Lizi is from England and was here working at the orphanage as a physical therapist....I think!  
What do I know, I just play Frisbee with her!)

Duncan gettin' 'er done!  (Duncan is a nurse anesthetist working at the hospital.)

Some people throw the spear with a bit more finesse than the rest!  
(Kyle is about to graduate from college and was here volunteering at the hospital.)

Chad with an unfair advantage.  
I'm sure he acts like he's never thrown before with each group he takes into the jungle!

What determination!

"Super" hanging out with his bread.
Super got his nickname last year at Compassion International's Waorani summer camp.
He does everything "super" enthusiastically.
Chad usually suggests that groups take in bread for the community instead of candy.
They don't have ovens in the community and the candy isn't too great for their teeth. 

Sisters - Nemo and Gima (also, Oma's daughters)

Kiwia - another elder/pastor of the church

My beautiful mom.  It seems that she put her makeup on in the dark!

The group.  Notice Dyuwi (next to Kyle) has his bread tucked in the waistband of his shorts!

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  1. chad, you make me homesick.
    BREAD! I was glad to see you say you take bread instead of candy. We've been doing that for nearly 40 years every trip we've made there and the people there never forget the kindness. Actually, while living out there, our own kids looked forward to bread-gifts from visitors more than any other item they'd bring in. To this day bread has a significance to my kids (now in their 30's) that can't be explained any other way.
    Glad you are there!!! God's best, and enjoy my t-shirt. Jim Yost
    PS - I recently passed my BFR and got back into flying after a 40 year hiatus. Don't worry, I will have no designs on any PIC down there!