Friday, April 27, 2012

What's your passion?

Since our last furlough, Josiah has been addicted/obsessed with football.  So, for the past month he has been telling me what the countdown was for the NFL draft.  He was beside himself last night when he found out that we were able to get the draft on TV (we don't get all shows or sporting events that you have in the US).   Here's a picture of him last night...

He wanted to be sure to write down which players went to which teams!   Here's another picture of him after he got some receiver gloves from the Bagleys in the mail.

It was another exciting day!  He had to wear those to school the next day.....but his teacher made him take them off!  I don't think you need that good of grip on your pencil! 

To say that he's a bit excited to be going to the US for furlough is an understatement.  But, not to fool you, it's not because of anything besides being able to play football on a REAL team!  The poor guy is living in the land of soccer here!

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