Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day Party

Our church held a Father's Day party for our couple's Bible study.  We had a taco bar and it was so fun to see many people eat tacos for the very first time!  Quite comical!  We played games, ate, laughed and heard a devotional about fathers.  We are going to miss these friends as we prepare to go on furlough.

Magdi, me and Alexandra

Trying to pass a candy from top to bottom through your clothes.  Let's just say that the women wear tighter clothes then the we lost!  : (

Wilson and Magdi
Our fearless leader - Reinaldo

Miguel and Alexandra

Nancy trying to tie a necktie on her husband Franklin for a game.

Franklin modeling his tie!

Jaime modeling his tie.
Nankamo andAida

Gilberto and Silvia

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