Friday, June 22, 2012

The Love of Friends

We are about to leave to go back to the US for our third furlough.  (MAF has a 4 year rotation; 3 1/2 years overseas and then 6 months of furlough.)  This is why I have been posting so much to the blog.  I'm working on a blog book for our furlough and would like to include everything from here before we leave.

When you leave on furlough usually you are pretty ready for a break.  Living in another culture can be draining and stressful.  I don't know why, but this "term" has been the best yet and it's the first time that it's been hard thinking about leaving our lives here.  One reason it's hard is because of good friends - both Ecuadorian and American.

Some of those friends include the Martins.  The Martin are from Texas and they had a Texas Longhorns magnet on the back of their car.  A LONG time ago we stole it and put a sticker over it that said "We love the Irwins!"  We put it back on their car and unfortunately they noticed right away.....but, they love us soooo much that it has stayed on the back their car!   Too funny!  So, now we're taking orders - in case you would like your own bumper magnet to profess your love of our family!!  : )


  1. when will you be my way? can't wait.

  2. While you're in Nampa give a sticker (or 3) to the mailroom and ask them to send it with my next paystub. We'll make sure you're represented over here in Indo!