Monday, June 4, 2012

Prayer Request for Dixi

I'm so sorry for not following up after my last post about Dixi.  You can read about it here.  Chad was able to fly into the community last month.  Even though some people in the community were giving sketchy advice about milking the "gringos" for a new house, etc., Dixi's parents are believers and the father said that he wanted to do what was best for his daughter.   I think the apprehension before was based on not wanting to see his daughter suffer.  But, now she is having problems walking and he sees the chance for that to be corrected.  I think it also has helped that Chad took the time to sit down with the dad and explain how we only want the best for Dixi and feel God put us in their paths to help them and encourage them.

This all means that the surgery is scheduled to happen THIS WEEK.  Chad is scheduled to fly into her community today to bring her out to Shell.  There isn't a radio in the community to tell them he is coming today, so pray that all will go as planned and they will be ready to come out.  Also pray for the surgeon, who is extremely capable, and loves Dixi just like the rest of us.  He will be cutting out portions of both femurs in order to straighten Dixi's legs.   She will need to be in a cast from her waist down and will also need to stay here in Shell for 6 weeks.  Pray that the pain will be manageable and that being here for 6 weeks won't be a hardship for her whole family. 

If you would like to contribute financially towards Dixi's surgery or post-op care, please let us know.  Thank you so much for bringing Dixi before God.  We'll keep you posted.

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