Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Furlough Trip Part III

Our last stop on our furlough trip was Hocking Hills, Ohio for our quadrennial EcuaCamp get-together.  EcuaCamp is a gathering of a group of friends who served in Ecuador together and happen to be at "home" at the same time.  We had a great time hiking, getting soaked while hiking, playing games, swimming, eating, and just hanging out together and catching up.  It's always fun to relax with people who have lived life with you and understand your struggles and triumphs.  We have some great friends!

Before our hike.

Elizabeth, Kristy, Me, Karol, Tracey and Kristen

The smores weren't messy at all!  : )  Evan Hardin

Caleb Bagley

Dan Whitehead

Jeff Bagley

Jacob, Evan, Josiah and Cameron

Andrew and Cameron

Olivia and Ellie

Mike Hardin

The calm before the storm:  Jerry Koleski and kids during a break from "keep away" - where they were all ganging up on Jerry!

Wiffle ball - adults against kids

An intense game of cards....notice I'm just watching!

MKs....yes, it's true, they are not normal!

Steve....being Steve!

Hardins, Koleskis, Dunbars, Bagleys and Irwins (Whiteheads had more important things to do!)

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