Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moody Aviation Reunion

I have no idea when I will catch you all up to our present activities....but, until then, here are more of our summer activities.

Chad's Moody Aviation class held their 15th year class reunion in August back in Elizabethton, Tennessee.  It was a great time to catch up with some good friends and see what God is doing in their lives.  Todd and Dan did a great job coordinating the event - which I'm sure isn't easy to do when you're dealing with people who are spread out all over the world. 

Aaron & Angi Greene with us at Watagua Lake

Former instructors
 The next few photos will show you what our friends were like at Moody!  We sure had some fun!

Aaron & Angi
Todd McMichael and Terry Allenbaugh

Aaron Greene and Ben Eaby

Charlie Cliffe

With Sandy and Terry Allenbaugh

Chad's class - minus quite a few and plus wives

At one of our favorite overlooks on our way back to Ohio.

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