Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Living the "DREAM"!

Since the end of July our new "theme" for our time home has been "living the dream!"  You know, the American "dream" of driving your kids to practices and games that always happen to be in two different directions and going, going, going without time for anything!  Even though we like to joke about it, we are enjoying watching our kids in organized sports.  That is a dream.  Sometimes as missionary parents you can feel guilty that your kids aren't enjoying the life that you grew up in.  Chad and I both went to Crestview from Kindergarten until 12th grade and got to enjoy sports and many other activities that our kids don't have the opportunity to experience.  So, it's been fun to see them enjoying new things with some new friends.  The other bonus is that they both have grown under the leadership of some great coaches. 

Josiah is on a combined 5th-6th grade football team for Crestview.  They are undefeated and start their tournament on Sunday.  He actually had his first touchdown a couple of weeks ago and was beyond excited.  Even better than his emotion was seeing the excitement of the whole team on his behalf. 

Olivia got to play on a Crestview youth soccer team.  We didn't even know that this was going to be an option before we came back.  So, it was an added bonus for Olivia to get to compete.  Her whole team improved tremendously and she loved every minute.

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