Monday, October 15, 2012

Labor Day

Labor Day this year found us at the lake where my aunt and uncle live.  We grew up spending time at the lake because my grandparents owned the house next to my aunt and uncle's - so I have some great memories from there.  It's always fun to share those same experiences with my kids.  Thankfully, not only did we get to see my aunt and uncle, but also two of their kids.  Doug and Randy were kind enough to drive us around the lake while the kids tried out tubing and "skiing".    We had a great time reconnecting with family, while also doing something out of our ordinary.  Olivia even started crying thinking about how long it would be before we could do it all over again!

My cousin Doug helping out Josiah.

The calm.....Olivia and Josiah with Shaley - Doug's daughter.


Our boat broke down - these guys came to "save" us!  Jamie (my brother-in-law, Randy (my cousin) and Kenny (my uncle)

Can you see all the "loungers" back there?


 This sequence of shots cracks me up! The riders are Shaley, Olivia and Jessica (my niece).

Jessica, Me and Kristi (my sister)

Uncle Kenny, Aunt Linda and my parents

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  1. I can see why Olivia cried. I want to go to your Aunt and Uncles house.